Thursday, October 03, 2013

Updates updates..

Been a long long time since i update.. haha.. nobody reads anyway~~

Hmmm.. where shld i start??

Last sat, 28 sept went to 8days eat eveny wif phebe and my ah lau.. haha.. got to taste the kueh pie tee by the big chef in orchard hotel, got a goodie bag(actually i sign up is cause of the goodie bag n the corelle saucer, haha.. phebe also). The goodie bag consist of tingkat , corelle saucer, vietnamese coffee amd few vouchers.oh and a canon eos camera bag! Looks pretty! Also took pic with the pretty host cum dj lavinia tan! Very friendly and pretty! The refrshments was good! Got cake, sandwich, croissant, tea~ all from Dr Cafe! Yummy!

After the event, ah lau and me went to taka toys sale. Need to get gifts for his friend baby full mth. Phebe went to tvb awards at mbs wif her friends.

Before that went to phebe house, eat mooncake and visit claris. Poor thing was sick. Bought her a book wif magnets, lots of daisy duck. Heard from phebe she love it. Hehe. . And also she got entertain uncle edwin. Haha..

Nov 10-15 i going taiwan!! Finally!! Going for photoshoot again! Haha.. also will hv a one day tour by bridal~ i still dun knw want go where.. one thing for sure is hot spring!! Hehe..

24 sept, elicia rom with the uncle. Hope they will be happy! Dun wish to see sad ending.

Oct liao.. so fast abt 3mths 2013 will be coming to an end and none of my resolution is achieve~ hope at least one will be achieve ba~

My cousin is getting married on 13 oct which is also my wedding anniversary.. win liao lo.. and out of a sudden say wan get married. Heard from my bro is surprise marriage.. dun knw  true or not. Headache.. just nw heard from my mum is that my aunt and uncle scared the couple quarrel again so faster get married
Dun knw wat logic.....

My 'dayima' came and ended on 21 sept and 27 sept come again! And somemore quite heavy.. it came after i ate canned pineapple.. hope it is just clearing of the blood and not bad things ~

Looking forward to nov~~ save save and go there spend spend!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hamster gave birth!

Hamster gave birth to 4 babies. 3 died . Hope the 1 will survive! Saw mama ham feeding baby liao.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My cutie nephew~~ trip to malacca & aunt's place in malsysia

My cutie nephew~~ Blu~~

He is already walking.. v michevious.. v naughty.. spank him if he is naughty n he will beat u.. make u angry n laugh at the same time too.. 哭笑不得。。

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Time flies

Time flies.... now almost end of march.. month end closing.  N i fell sick... n im left to defence myself at work...left the previous job n land myself a job in SFI... hot soup job.. sianz.. my senior is leaving n she took leave during closing period.. n this crazy company mth end falls on weekend u hv to go back n work.  If 1st day of month falls on weekend n public holi u hv to go back to work.. all this i was nt informed during interview.. work for 4hrs can claim half day, 8hrs can claim 1day off.. at least nt so bad. Pray hard this mth closing will b smooth.. took mc today.. sick.. was given antibotics. But my hubby dun believe im sick n still tell me 风谅话..

Gonna rest.  Sickness go away!

Fengshui master

Last sun a fengshui master came to look at the fengshui of the house. I was nt the one to engage his service. I was only told by my hubby after they booked the appt. They refers to my hubby,mil & sil. When we got this house we didnt engage any fengshui master n we have live in for 5yrs. Everything ok except at first we fall ill quite frequently..

Dun knw y suddenly my mil wans to get a fengshui master to cm. Must b because 5yrs and we still hv nt have our own child n she must b thinking it have got to do with the hse fengshui. She did nt say but i know. It cost $600. Nt cheap. Paid by my mil.

So the fengshui got my hubby n mine ba zi before coming, when he came  he view the house. He said the house will b viewed based on hubby ba zi, while the kitchen will b on mine.

1) the lliving room does nt hv enuff sunshine or light. (Was due to our 3spare rooms was rented out so all doors was closed so no sun can shine in) change the light at dining area ti more white n bright light. Nw is those spotlight so not so gd.

Solution: when the 3rd room ( the so called study rm) is empty, dont close the door, (which i nvr close if empty). Put mirrors on the wall opposite the door so that when sun shines will b more bright n as it reflects the dining table, everything will b doubled, which represents ample food.

2) the tv area n sofa should be the opposite way. That is the wealth area. The arrangement now stilk works but best if can switch over.

3) keep the balcony tidy as it represents the hubby career path. Currently the sofa n mobile clothes hanger is there, n its obstructing the career path with lots of xiao ren.
Solution: tidy it or can remove the sliding door that separate the living area n balcony, making it part of living rm, then no issue.

4) my hubby's colour is red so can change the tv console n sofa to red or pink.

5) kitchen evrything ok except to change the kitchen cabinet to green, as green is my colour. My element is wood, so red or orange represnts fire which will burn my wood. Which is nt gd for me.

6) our room- photo shld nt hang above bed . Firstly safety issue, if photo fall will hurt ur head. In fengshui symbolised chopping of head. No good.

Secondly the bed should b put at the wardrobe area. But if put there will face the door, no good. So no changes.

Thirdly, there shldnt b any incave of walls, but all my rooms have. Solution, build cupboard with doors. Can put things n looks neatly. We wanted to do when renovating but due to budget we didnt. Hv to plan to do liao.

Fourthly, put cute baby photos at the space above tv n beside wardrobe. Will improve baby making luck.

7) this year is not so good for zodiac sheep n the master suggest that my hubby light a lamp at the temple for a year to improve on his luck.

Concludes the above, basically nothing bad about the house.

But my hubby is too eager to listen to the master(which in the 1st place he dun really believe). He wans to change the light at dining area. (We wanted to change quite sometime but always delay). Im sick n he dun care n insist we go boon lay market. So today after i seen the doc we went to source n buy. Also bought the shelving for bathroom as currently one is gonna break..

And he insisted that we switch the tv console n sofa. He impose the thinking n insisted i do so. The sofa area does not hv the tv point. He wants to pull a long cable but i finds it ugly and i do not wish to do major movements at the moment. We argued, hv disagreements. He dun listen to me n i dun wan to do wat he say. In the end i give in and say we discuss it again in one or two months time again. He was unhappy and 不爽,  me too. And nw he opposing me. I sick wan to eat soupy noodle n he bought dry noodle. I ask him n he still dare say u wan u eat, dun wan throw away.  Im hving sore throat n he doesnt care. Im so angry. This is wat a husband shld do?? He dun believe im sick. If im not sick till the extend of needing antibotics, the doc will giv me antibotics? Docs now are nt allowed to prescribe antibotics unnecessarily. So im faking illness?

Enuff of me complaining... wanna sleep liao. Tml hv to battle with the papers at work. Sianz

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Claris 2nd BdAe

Went to Claris 2nd birthday party at McDonald at Queensway Rideout Tea garden!

Brought Charlene along, she had fun! Me too!

Ah Lan's 1st Birthday Party!

Time flies~ ah lan is 1 already!! His parents booked a SAF sea view bungalow chalet for his party~ it's at changi .. Very far.. But luckily the mum only go after work on fri so we can sit in the car to go! Brought my mum along too... Although there are 4 rooms.. But me n my mum got no place to sleep! Master bedroom of cos will b taken by ah lan n his parents. Another rm of cos his paternal grandparents n 2 cousins. Then third level, my mil, Bil, my hubby and at first is me. But my fil suddenly say wan to stay over.. In the small room 5 pax?? N my fil snores v loud... So I decided to share The bed on 2nd level , as the other bed will hv ah lan cousin sleeping.. But suddenly all the 姨妈,姑姑 all cm to stay too!! Then my sil politely as me n my mum if we cn sleep with my mil they all.. Oh gracious.. I was angry n my stupid hubby did nothing. Luckily ah lan daddy will b playing mahjong throughout the night, so my sil ask us to sleep in master bedroom. As she also need someone to help sleep on the side of the bed to stop ah lan from rolling down.. So we have the spacious master bedroom.. A blessing in disguise.. They must b feeling bad towards us.. Haha...

So on sat(26/1) we decorate the place, ah lan paternal side did not help at all!! As if none of their biz.. Really nt wishing to say anything abt them..
Afternoon went to collect the cake n brought the balloon to pump helium wif hubby..

Then evening the party starts! Buffet n BBQ~~ happy birthday ah lan!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

My idol|

My idol xiao zhu Show Luo will be coming to Singapore for his concert on the 1st march n SFC pyjamas party on the 2nd march! I guess this year I will not be able to go for the concert .... If I can get a job fast, stay in the job, Feb still got Gd seats, perhaps still got chance, if not will be just going for the pyjamas party only.

Pls let me see my show luo!!!!! *keeping fingers cross*